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In coincidence with ARTSPECTRUM 2016, in which the works of young artists create a new force of vitality, ARTSPECTRUM [χ] is presented to lead you to feel the power of the artistic energy, including programs such as lecture, talk, conversation, screening, reading, workshop and performance, as well as a room where you can take a look at each artist's reference materials and also to leave comments on the exhibition.

The artists of this year's ARTSPECTRUM deal with a wide spectrum of subject matters: the tradition of painting, sound as material, a ritual of collectivity, space fantasy, science and mysticism mediated, social conditions of artists, economic realities, and historical memory and documentation about Korea’s division, modernization, political turmoil, etc. Symbolized by X, for the Roman numeral 10 and for unknown factors in math, ARTSPECTRUM [χ] is a matrix in which you can unravel the significances of the works of artists who are living through this age.

The lectures and discussions by ARTSPECTRUM curators and committee members map the topography of contemporary art, particularly the practices of young Korean artists situated in the changing art world. You are also invited to meet the artists in a series of programs such as talk, conversation, screening, reading, workshop and performance. The ARTSPECTRUM [χ] room in Ground Gallery provides each artist’s interview, information about their previous works, inspirational references, and materials collected and produced from artistic research. Some of their video works are shown on a large screen. All of these are intended to help you find your way to get closer to the artists’ works. Please leave comments on the exhibition using ‘post-it’ offered in both paper and digital forms. Inscribed in this space, your feedback will make more powerful the vibrations of the ARTSPECTRUM’s wavelength.


Wed 25 May      Curator Talk / Gina Lee (Leeum)
Sat 28 May         Lecture / Hyunsun Tae (Leeum), Hanseung Ryu (MMCA), Yunkyoung Kim (Atelier Hermes)
Fri 3 June           Jungki Beak / Artist Talk
Sat 4 June          Hoin Lee / Photo Workshop "Discover a Scene"
Thur 16 June      Roundtable / Hyesoo Woo (Leeum), Sungwon Kim (SEOULTECH), Jee-sook Beck (Mediacity Seoul)
Fri 17 June          Young Eun Kim / Sound Workshop "Listen to Spaces"
Fri 24 June         Optical Race / Artist Talk
Sat 25 June       Haeri Choi / Artist Talk
Wed 29 June     Curator Talk / Gina Lee (Leeum)
Sat 2 July            Kelvin Kyung Kun Park / Screening A Dream of Iron & Conversation
Sat 9 July            Dong-il An / Screening Paldogangsan (The Land of Korea) & Conversation
Fri 15 July            Okin Collective / Floor Talk "A Ghost and the Guards"
Sat 23 July         Minha Park / Lecture Performance "Stars and Overlapped Time"
Wed 27 July       Curator Talk / Gina Lee (Leeum)

Fri 29 July          Jane Jin Kaisen / Talks & Reading Seeing Shades of Red

* Reservation required for these programs. Venue and time TBA.


There is a film screening at 2pm every day from Tuesday to Friday on a large TV monitor in the ARTSPECTRUM [χ] room. The following works are shown, one artist per day, in turn. You can watch other videos on the tablet pc at any time.

[Tuesday] Young Eun Kim, The Units of the World According to ;Semicolon (2011, 26:00), Bespoke Wallpaper Music (2014, 16:00)
Minha Park, A Story of Elusive Snow (2013, 15:00), Strategic Operations - Hyper Realistic (2015, 22:00)
Okin Collective, Seoul Decadence - Live (2014, 55:00)
[Friday] Jane Jin Kaisen, The Woman, the Orphan, and the Tiger (2010, 01:12:00)

* Only for exhibition ticket holders, who may just turn up in time without reservation.

Post-it Patchwork


Please do write and post your thoughts about the exhibition on the wall of the ARTSPECTRUM [χ] room. There is also a digital post-it wall outside the room, for which you can use the tablet pc offered.  [More]

* Some of the above programs and film screenings are subject to change. Details about each event will be announced in due course. Please check the Leeum website for information and reservation.

□ Contact: Dr. Seong Eun Kim, Taerim Kim (Leeum Education and Public Programs,, 


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