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ARTSPECTRUM [χ] Workshop - Discover a Scene

Do discover at Leeum what is a weird scene precisely because there seems nothing weird about itself. This program is to look into the ARTSPECTRUM 2016 artist Hoin Lee's work, in a participatory workshop in which you explore Leeum and the exhibition through your own lens. With a mobile-phone camera, take a photograph of whatever you see resonant with Lee's landscapes, and your photos will be printed out and also displayed as a screen projection.

■ Date & Time: 14:00-15:30, Saturday 4th June 2016


■ Venue: Workshop Room, Ground Gallery


■ For: 10 teams of families, friends, etc. Individuals are also welcome.


■ Sign-Up: Friday 27 May - Friday 3 June 2016, via the Leeum webstie   
   * Please write how many of yours will come when you sign up.


■ Fee: N/A (exhibition ticket required)


■ With: Mobile phone or wifi-accessible camera


■ Contact: Taerim Kim (LEEUM Education and Public Programs,


■ Program

   1. Workshop introduction
   2. Viewing Hoin Lee’s works together in the Black Box
   3. Performing the mission Discover a Scene - Photography session
   4. Photo printing and wall screen projection 

   * The artist does not join you for the workshop.

Hoin Lee, Crossing, 2016

Hoin Lee, Silent Night, 2016

Hoin Lee, Fine Dust and Gangnam, 2016

Hoin Lee paints landscapes, be it the sceneries he has seen while traveling or mundane views of the streets he passes by daily. His practice centers on the medium of oil on canvas, which on one hand seems somewhat conservative and traditional in comparison to other artists of his generation, or in tandem with the recent rise of painting. His paintings of familiar landmarks such as the Lotte World Tower and the Hangang Bridge focus on the strangeness of their ordinary presence. Each place he depicts has complex histories but because they are so familiar and close to our everyday life, when we see them on the streets or see their likeness on Lee's canvas, such context evaporates and only the outer shells of the buildings remain - the ordinary landscape. Lee comments on this effect of strange mundaneness through his considerate and attentive paintings. Silent Night is a view of Seoul seen from Inreungsan Mountain trail. At the foot of the mountain is the National Intelligence Service building and beyond it the skyline of Seoul. Lee painted the agency from a distance, rather than its better-known fa?de. The tree branches that partly obstruct the view give the impression of voyeurism and suggest the persistent presence of the artist’s gaze.


* This program is conducted in Korean only.
* Some of the details are subject to change.
* If you have a query about booking for this program, please contact us at or phone 02-2014-6655. 

□ There are also a range of other programs in conjunction with ARTSPECTRUM 2016 during the exhibition. For the full programs of
ARTSPECTRUM [χ], see here.


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