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ARTSPECTRUM [χ] Roundtable: On Being Contemporary of Korean Art

This roundtable explores ARTSPECTRUM 2016 in light of contemporaneity of Korean art. Young artists pay keen attention to what role contemporary society expects art to play and to what change art can make to contemporary life. They also have a kind of glocal mindset invalidating the physical boundary between domestic and international. In the roundtable three leading curators will thread thematic keywords extracted from ARTSPECTRUM, the very exhibition of young artists, to inspect contemporary Korean art with their expertise in practice and theory.

Articulate  This year marks the sixth edition of ARTSPECTRUM that aims to promote emerging artists in Korea. In light of the changing art context, what has the Leeum articulated regarding contemporaneity, and what should it be?

Responsive  Seeing arts as a social intervention in its broadest sense, how are young artists detecting and dealing with political, economic and cultural changes, and how are they reacting and responding to them?

Time-travelling  To delve into and reinterpret historical issues can give an insight into today's life. How could this lead to the redefinition of linear relationship between past, present, future?

Story-telling  What are the artistic ways like, in which a certain subject matter having the potential for storytelling is found and its layers of meaning are interwoven into a narrative in a convincing manner?

Personal  While taking a family story or an individual's peculiar circumstances as a driving force of artistic explorations, in what ways do artists seek to make it more than personal?

Experiential  The agency of spectators as an active subject is sometimes prerequisite for an artwork. If so, to what extent is the experience of spectators commensurate with the artist's intention?

Cooperative  It is not rare that artworks are realized by commissioning such experts in different fields as scientists or novelists, and collaborating with other artists. What issues can be brought up in terms of collective authorship?

Transgressive  The artist's role is expanding into the realm of curator, designer, filmmaker, etc. Is it possible to say that this is not only for practical reasons but is to contribute to broadening the horizon of new artistic composition?

Referential  Some artists collects material, look for references, and carry out artistic research as social scientists do. Isn't there a danger of falling into the trap of complacency about the subject matter as it is?

Utopian  Does the exhibition enable a glimpse of their optimistic belief in the power of art and earnest efforts in practice despite the hardship that young artists have to pass through?

Missing  What is missing so far? What has yet to be filled in? What should be achieved in the next edition of ARTSPECTRUM?



■ Date & Time: 15:00-16:30, Thursday 16th June 2016

■ Venue: Leeum Auditorium

■ Sign-Up: For 200 persons, 8 - 16 June 2016, via the Leeum website

■ Fee: N/A

■ Contact: Dr. Seong Eun Kim (LEEUM Education and Public Programs, 

■ Program

   15:00-15:30 Introduction to ARTSPECTRUM 2016
Gina Lee (Assistant Curator, Leeum)  

   15:30-16:30 Roundtable discussion, Q&A
Hyesoo Woo (Chief Curator, Leeum),
Sungwon Kim (Professor, Department of Fine Arts, Seoul National University of Science and Technology)
Jee-sook Beck (Artistic Director, SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul 2016) 


* This program is conducted in Korean only.
* Some of the details are subject to change.
* If you want to view the exhibition, please buy a ticket.
* If you have a query about booking for this program, please contact us at or phone 02-2014-6655. 

□ There are also a range of other programs in conjunction with ARTSPECTRUM 2016 during the exhibition. For the full programs of 
ARTSPECTRUM [χ], see here


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