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ARTSPECTRUM [χ] Sound Workshop "Listen to Spaces" - Young Eun Kim

Preoccupied with sound as an artistic medium, Young Eun Kim in ARTSPECTRUM deals with the immateriality of sound in the very material way. In the space sculpted with it, viewers are led to experience the sound as something auditory, visual and tactile, appreciating the relationship between sound and space. In this workshop Kim will give you interesting instructions from R. Murray Schafer's exercises of listening and sound-making. Performing the instructions together, you will be able to see how sound vibrations constantly produced by humans and objects fill and form the space.

■ Date & Time: 15:00-16:00, Friday 17th June 2016

■ Venue: Workshop Room, Ground Gallery

■ Sign-Up: For 30 persons, 10 June - 17 June 2016, via the Leeum website

■ Fee: N/A

■ Contact: Dr. Seong Eun Kim (LEEUM Education and Public Programs, 

Does sound belong to the domain of visual art?
This apparently rather hackneyed question is still effective because art should not involve only visual things any longer, but be an activity to create new knowledge by setting our whole senses in motion. This workshop draws on A Sound Education: 100 Exercises in Listening and Sound-making(1992) and HearSing: 75 Exercises in Listening and Creating Music(2005) written by the Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer who is well known for the notion of soundscape. Young Eun Kim will select a few exercises from these books, and while performing her instructions, you will feel the fundamental power of art, beyond the confines of sound art, to acutely awaken the bodily sensation.

Young Eun Kim, $1’s Worth, 2016

Sound has been a primary medium for Kim for some time. In $1's Worth, She especially focuses on one particular characteristic of sound, which is its immateriality. She attempts to materialize sound by applying units used to measure concrete material, namely, length, height and width. She purchased pop songs from iTunes Music Store for $1.29 a song, and substituted the three units into the sound file's time, pitch, and frequency, respectively. Then she proportionately reduced each song’s time, pitch and frequency to create three versions of each song that is worth a dollar. The work shows Kim’s experiment to give body to the presence of sound, which is often neglected because it cannot be seen or touched.

* This program is conducted in Korean only.
* Some of the details are subject to change.
* If you have a query about booking for this program, please contact us at or phone 02-2014-6655.

□ There are also a range of other programs in conjunction with ARTSPECTRUM 2016 during the exhibition. For the full programs of 
ARTSPECTRUM [χ], see here.


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