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ARTSPECTRUM [χ] Artist Talk: Optical Race

The colorful circles on the floor and the inverted pyramid above contain numbers which seem like a secret code. If you are overwhelmed by this work which may require precise code reading, it is recommended to step into the circles, stand for a while under the pyramid, then read the manual on the wall to understand how to read the numbers on the work. The artist group Optical Race who asks viewers’ active involvement will give a talk.

■ Date & Time: 15:00-16:30, Friday 24th June 2016

■ Venue: Leeum Seminar Room II

■ Sign-Up: For 50 persons, 16th ~ 24th June 2016, via the Leeum website

■ Fee: N/A (incl. free entrance)

■ Contact: Dr. Seong Eun Kim (LEEUM Education and Public Programs, 

Infographics, which visually represent statistical data quickly and clearly, show the hidden truth underneath its simplicity by Optical Race. Optical Race consists of a graphic designer, Kim Hyungjae and a visualized information researcher Park Jaehyun. They deal with urban matters such as population, generation, housing and income in their own way of visualization. In the artist talk, they will talk how their works call attention to social problems today. 

Optical Race, Family Planning, 2016

Optical Race is an artist duo of graphic designer Hyungjae Kim and information visualization researcher Jaehyun Bahk. The duo has turned statistics about urban infrastructure, such as population and living conditions, into infographics that invite participation of the audience. Family Planning focuses on the issue of marriage among the Echo Boom generation, the children of the Baby Boom generation parents. The circles on the floor represent the different combinations of personal income distributions of single men and women of the Echo Boom generation, calculated from the micro data of Regional Employment Surveys. On the pyramid above, they arranged 144 combinations of the personal income distribution matches on the floor, together with the different combinations of the financial circumstances of the parents of the matched couples. The 144 combinations suggest to the matched couples the projected amount of dispensable funds upon their marriage, based on the statistics of their combined income and the economic circumstances of their parents. The work shows the reality of the flagging Korean economy through the marriage simulation of Echo Boomers.


* This program is conducted in Korean only.
* Some of the details are subject to change.
* If you have a query about booking for this program, please contact us at or phone 02-2014-6655. 

□ There are also a range of other programs in conjunction with ARTSPECTRUM 2016 during the exhibition. For the full programs of ARTSPECTRUM [χ], see here.



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