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ARTSPECTRUM [χ] Okin Collective / Floor Talk "A Ghost and the Guards"

Okin Collective who published Art Spectral for ARTSPECTRUM 2016 invites film critic Yoo Un-Seong, one of the publication's authors. By dint of Yoo's article "A Ghost and the Guards" and Okin Collective's work, this floor talk will deal with the question as to what distinguishes a ghost, the relationship between a ghost and a fantasy, and the ghostly art and the art as a ghost guard.

Prior to the talk, please find attached Yoo Un-Seong's  "A Ghost and the Guards." You are invited to give answers to or comments on the question posed by the author in section 2-2 of the article as below. After registration for the talk, feel free to email the answers/comments to Okin Collective at Also the publication Art Spectral will be offered to all participants of the event.  

          Think of what factors of the ARTSPECTRUM exhibition (that I haven't seen yet)
          or what other elements these factors evoke draw the network of
          "family resemblance." And consider why this floor is placed in here
          (If there is no floor, stop reading this article and think of the reason).


■ Date & Time: 15:00-17:00, Friday 15th July 2016

■ Speakers: Okin Collective, Yoo Un-Seong

■ Venue: Ground Gallery (Okin Collective's Art Spectral floor)

■ Sign-Up: For 50 persons, 7th - 15th July 2016, via the Leeum website

■ Fee: N/A

■ Contact: Dr. Seong Eun Kim (LEEUM Education and Public Programs,

Okin Collective, Art Spectral, 2016

Okin Collective is a team of three artists composed of Joungmin Yi, Shiu Jin and Hwayong Kim. They have dealt with various social issues in atypical and transient forms such as performance, radio broadcast and music concert. Their interest in the way art relates to society continues in their new work, Art Spectral, a title that can be interpreted as falling somewhere between 'Ghost-like Art' and 'Vanishing Art.' It reflects the unstable lives of many artists who only temporarily become artists for certain projects only to disappear upon completion of the work and then take up other jobs to support themselves. For this exhibition, Okin Collective has prepared a large wooden floor and copies of their publication that consist of essays on 'disappearance.' While lounging on the floor and reading the essays, the audience will have a chance to consider the disappearance or transformation of the notion of the 'artist,' and by extension, all members of the society who have been marginalized.

* The event is conducted in Korean only.
* Some of the details are subject to change.
* If you have a query about booking for this program, please contact us at or phone 02-2014-6655.

□ There are also a range of other programs in conjunction with ARTSPECTRUM 2016 during the exhibition. For the full programs of 
ARTSPECTRUM [χ], see here.


File attachment :  Yoo Un-Seong_A Ghost and the Guards.pdf  

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