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PERFORMANCE. Jihae Ko & Kay Patru

Within the darkened space of the Black Box, multiple spotlights illuminate a circular curtain of fine mist, creating shimmering rainbows in the air. Choreographers and dancers are drawn to this work that is also a space, Olafur Eliasson's Rainbow assembly, exploring and adding another layer of liveliness to it. Some of them also invite audience participation, giving you a chance to be included in an artistic experience created by bodily movements.

This program, Sensorial Body and Phenomenological Space, is a performance workshop led by Amsterdam-based choreographers Jihae Ko and Kay Patru. Their work focuses on expressing our internal awareness derived from perception and sensation, into movements. This workshop at Leeum is designed for participants to communicate with each other what they feel and think about Rainbow assembly through bodily movements caused by interactions between body and space.
What you will do is based on slowness: you walk slowly, stand still, and make a slow movement with your eyes closed. You also find a certain uniform motion among the group, imitate your counterpart’s gestures as if a mirror, and keep in tune with your partner and move together using a string and an umbrella. Performing all these easy-to-follow movements, you will experience Rainbow assembly phenomenologically, and contribute collectively to creating a new choreographic space.  

Jihae Ko is a choreographer, dancer and bodywork therapist. She is committed to bridging art and therapy as a path where creativity and inter-personal growth meet. In recent years her work has deal with somatic movements through the sensory  and the perceptual, as a way of investigating the co-creative relation between body, emotion and environment. I collaborate with various theater makers including Dansateliers(NL), Melkweg(NL), Kampnagel (DE), Generale Oost(NL), Seoul Dance center(KR).

Kay Patru is a choreographer, dancer and teacher of movement improvisation. His artistic interest lies in somatic awareness involving body and psychology. He introduces self-inquiry methodology to creativity and education of dance and movement. His professional dance career led him to dance for international dance companies such as Netherlands Dance Theater II (NL), He was guest lecturer at the Korean National University of Performing Arts for the Choreographic and Performance department. 

■ Date & Time: Wednesday 16th October 2016
15:00-17:00 Movement workshop (B2 Ground Gallery & Lounge)
17:00-17:30 Performance (Black Box)

■ Sign-Up: For 20 persons, 18 - 25 October, via the Leeum website
* Those of you who sign up, please arrive at the museum lobby by 14:55, in a casual and comfortable outfit.

■ Fee: N/A (exhibition-ticket incl.)

■ Note:
- The workshop is only for those who sign up in advance.
- You may view the performance from 17:00 at the Black Box if you are exhibition-ticket holders.
- Filming will be underway for this event, and no other recordings are allowed.

■ Contact: Dr. Seong Eun Kim, Taerim Kim (Leeum Education and Public Programs,,

* If you have a query about booking for this program, please contact us at or phone 02-2014-6655.

□ For the full programs of Olafur Eliasson : The parliament of possibilitiesclick here.




Workshop & Performance: Jihae Ko & Kay Patru

Sensorial Body and Phenomenological Space
26 Oct 2016 in Olafur Eliasson`s Rainbow assembly

This workshop at Leeum is designed for participants to communicate with each other what they feel and think about Rainbow assembly through bodily movements caused by interactions between body and space.

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